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Driving Lessons – Do We Get Hazard Pay for This??

March 30, 2010

My eldest daughter is 15. That means a driver’s permit. For her, that’s “automatic transmission, only!” For some reason, she’s just a bit intimidated by our Ford F250 3/4t supercab longbed. Hmmm. Don’t know why.

What it also means is finding out that simply passing driver’s ed doesn’t mean the kid can drive! Actually, she’s pretty good skill-wise. It’s her perception that has me wondering a bit. Right-of-way is probably our greatest challenge right now. Despite several months of “Go, it’s your turn…That means NOW!…Before they get tired of waiting and go themselves!…Oh, forget it! Now, just wait until it’s clear.” Somehow, the idea of first come, first served just isn’t sinking in. She knows there’s something about “the guy on the right – or left – or whatever”, but beyond that it’s sheer confusion.

At least she had the guts to admit that she didn’t often move when I told her to because she wasn’t sure if I meant it – or if I knew what I was talking about. That’s just great. And perfectly reasonable! I mean, why should she just assume that 35 years of driving would teach me anything?

The car she drives is my 1984 Citation. It was owned for many years by a kind old lady who only used it to visit her husband in a nursing home. Problem was, every time she would go to visit him, she’d get hit. She gave it to another who gave it to us. It runs pretty darn well considering its age and history. And if my daughter doesn’t figure out right-of-way soon, at least the car won’t notice the difference!