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1st Letter from Jeff

1st Letter from Jeff

I can’t remember ever getting so excited over a letter before. We’d been waiting “patiently” for the promised first letter that was supposed to come 10-14 days after shipping out. Well, it got here the day before yesterday. I gathered the kids, and we ran into my bedroom to wake up my husband. There were form letters from Jeff and from his senior DI, a couple of printed informational things, and a very small folded sheet with a handwritten note. My treasure!

Jeff’s doing well, he’s enjoying the workouts and seems to be having fun. Knew he would! After signing off there was a post-script: “Mom, don’t look for grammar. Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I had to laugh. It was so Jeff! Actually, his grammar was fine. But this went beyond – it was him. So good to see that he’s still the boy I know and love.

There was one issue that came up. The form letter signed by the recruit wasn’t from Jeff at all. I hadn’t noticed because the handwriting was similar and just as hard to read as Jeff’s normally was. (His little note was actually quite readable. Surprise!) But we got the form letter from someone else’s recruit – from someone else’s son. I only hope that boy also included a handwritten note so his parents had something authentic from him. We’ve all been waiting so anxiously for these letters. It would be heartbreaking to be waiting all that time and only have someone else’s form letter to show for it.

Running? We got this! (Jeff at his first track meet in Idaho.)

Mike Company has been in actual training for one week now. (Their first week was processing.) Weapons were issued on Monday, 9/21. They’ve covered such training topics as Interior Guard, Ethics, Tactical Combat, Casualty Care, and USMC History. Today is a 2-mile “Ability Run”. Hmmm. Makes me think of a fitness trail. Monday they do sprints. I think Jeff will be right at home.


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