Kidlets and Other Furry Creatures

Once upon a time there was a single lady who had adventures. She travelled, held different jobs she found exciting (or at least paid the bills) and dated different men.  Some were more different than others!  One day, after spending a long summer battling raging forest fires and sleeping on cold, hard mountainsides, the lady met a tall, strong, obnoxious knight in tarnished armour who promised to charge in on his trusted steed in his trusted Freightliner and carry her up to his castle, where they would live happily ever after.

“Ever after” proved to include two dogs (at at time), a cat, the occasional horse, and four new adventures, also referred to as children. The lady soon realized that each day holds its own, unique adventure and sometimes that’s even a good thing. She also realized that even the worst days are temporary, the biggest messes can eventually succumb to bleach and a good degreaser, her knight’s armour is far more shining than she often notices, (and occasionally more fragile than armour is expected to be – but part of her job is to fortify it frequently!) and each day,  messes and all, those little adventures fuse with her heart and she is loathe to let them escape.

The lady also realizes that as she performs her duties as Lady of the Manor, the adventures evolve and require less and less of her hovering attention. Seeing the future day when her portion of their arch will be written out – or at least given far fewer lines, she at once celebrates and mourns…and perhaps she finally comes to understand a small portion of “mano no aware.”


One Response to “Kidlets and Other Furry Creatures”

  1. nani Says:

    that is a very cool, very loving story. very nice.

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