Danger – Puppy in Training!

Gunny’s life expectancy may be far shorter than average if he doesn’t change his ways.

Today was one of those times when I really wish I could look into the brain of this dog and understand what the heck he’s thinking. Or, rather, IF he’s thinking!

Gunny has gone for several days sans accidents. Then, he’ll have a woops or two and go back to being good. I figure that’s not bad, overall.

An hour ago, Rachel was sitting on Rich’s recliner and Gunny decided she needed to be attacked. He pounced on top and gave her kisses all over her face. Very sweet – if you ignore the way he snitches out of the cat box.

When Rachel got up to do something else, Gunny got back up onto the recliner and peed! Fortunately, there was a blanket on the seat that got hit, not the cushion. Still!

There was an incident about a month ago that really makes me wonder. If Gunny had been asking to go out, no one heard him. Instead, he went to the door, found Richard’s shoe, straddled it and filled that size 13 halfway up! This dog can pee like a race horse. I really shouldn’t have laughed, but how can you help it?

Rich is convinced the dog meant it personally for him. As smart as this puppy is, he may be right. I don’t know. All I know is that if Gunny continues to target Rich’s clothing or furniture, that dog’s days on this earth may be numbered.

Gunny - attitude adjustment wanted


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2 Responses to “Danger – Puppy in Training!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I love dogs, but the shelters are full of sweet, loving dogs who desperately need homes who don’t pee on everything . . . . I’m just sayin’ . . . . Gunny is very fortunate to be in your care, not mine! 🙂

  2. trucksage Says:

    Kevin – Thanks for bringing that up about shelters. Gunny is the third Labbie we’ve had that was either rescued from a shelter, or in his case and one other – kept out of a shelter by taking him home. Our other current, Bear, is going on 14 y.o. We’ve had her since she was two. She’s helped raise all four of our kids and is a deeply loved member of our family. Gunny will be the same way.

    A rather disturbing stat that might lend some insight – every week, 3000-5000 cats and dogs are born in this country. Most are not wanted or properly cared for. Many roam streets, fields, etc, even forming dangerous packs. Others are picked up and put into shelters or pounds who can ill afford to feed and care for them all. After a few weeks, sometimes shorter, many of these animals are put to sleep. All because owners are unwilling to have their pets spayed or neutered.

    PLEASE! Spay or neuter your pet. And for your next one, check out one of these wonderful, loving dogs and cats who would love a home just like yours.

    p.s. a brief update, Gunny is doing much better. There may be hope for him, yet! Keeping our fingers crossed. 🙂

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